August Alsina was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He currently resides in Houston, Texas. Growing up, August lived the life of a typical teenager. He played sports and games like every other kid his age, but no one knew the talent that was growing inside of him. It wasn’t until he left his home in Louisiana to move to the hometown of a phenomenal singer, Beyonce’, that he began to realize that he had been gifted with an amazing singing voice.

After proving to his mother and his brother that he had been blessed with an amazing gift from God, he began singing at church and competing in talent shows, where he won “Best Male Vocalist” and “Best in Show”. He also received more 1st Place Awards than he could count. August watched and listened as his dream of becoming a professional singer moved closer to becoming a reality.

 August later launched a Myspace page and began to upload videos of himself singing on YouTube. His fan base quickly climbed to staggering numbers as he began to receive the type of recognition reserved for superstars. Young girls were loving his voice and his swagger, while young boys were wishing they were him. Through it all, August remained humble.

Every since the launch of his Myspace page and YouTube videos, his fans have been leaving him encouraging comments and following him on his journey to success. Many people try to compare him to the already famous, Chris Brown, but after watching one video of him in action, you to will find that there is no comparison. Although August Alsina and Chris Brown are both very gifted, August possesses a passion for music that cannot be topped.



                            August is now recording original music and is looking for a major label to call home.